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Top 6 Car-Racing Browser Games

Top 6 Car-Racing Browser Games

Are you ready to race? Can you beat all racers and become the best Car Racer? Right now, we selected best 6 racing games for you. Take a look and have fun with it! :)

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Top 6: Batracer

wantedStatus:FinalGraphics:Text with graphics
Time Units:RealtimeDeveloper:BATracer
Fee:Optional Premium Accounts|Buy Ingame
Official Website: Click Here

Batracer is a browser webgame similar to some racing manager style webgames. However, it is unique in that gameplay centres around the player as the driver, rather than the team manager. This introduces multiplayer team work as an important part of success. BATracer is also more graphically orientated than most browser games with 2d overhead maps, charts, car and helmet painting.


  • Play as a driver competing to win the drivers championship
  • Work with your team mate to secure the constructors championship

  • Various carsets and race series, race in several series at once
  • Paint your car and helmet!
  • Setup your car for optimum speed

  • Select driving style and race strategy
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Different car, tyre and engine attribuites
  • Safety cars
  • Practice, qualifying and race
  • Complete breakdown of the race results including commentary
  • Circuit maps showing car positions at race end
  • Graphs
  • Championship analysis between teams, drivers and team mates
  • Lap by lap track map replay

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Top 5: Mobracer

wantedStatus:Open Beta Graphics:3D
Time Units:RealtimeDeveloper: Mobracer
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Official Website: Click Here

Mobracer is an extensive 3D, multiplayer kart racing game that you get to play online in your browser from anywhere, at any time. You don't need to download and install a bunch of software to make it work. It's ready to play online without any installations as long as you have the Shockwave plug-in (which is just like Flash and also from Adobe).

Mobracer Screenshot

But MobRacer is more than just racing. It's also a place to hang out with your friends, to challenge them to beat your lap times and accomplishments, to stoke rivalries with other racers, and to deck out your kart with individual and custom items you can design in the Shop. So start exploring and keep letting us know if we can do anything better through the Report bugs button at the top of the page.

To race on MobRacer, you'll need to install a quick plug-in from Adobe into your browser. Please install the Adobe Shockwave 11 plug-in and return to MobRacer to race. Don't worry, it's from the same people who make Flash and lets you do all kinds of cool stuff on MobRacer and all over the web. You can follow the directions on the Adobe website to get the plug-in and running.

Mobracer Screenshot


  • Race on 3D tracks with your friends
  • Shop in the virtual race store for cool stuff
  • Dress in race gear, clothes, and accessories
  • Mod your kart with upgrades and stickers
  • Team up with friends and race other teams

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Top 4: WebRacing

Time Units:RealtimeDeveloper: Nikita Online
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Official Website: href="">Click Here

WebRacing is an exciting world of charged cars and best drivers – the world of illegal online night races! Select you driving career way, chose your cars, advance it and prove that you will be the best.

And do not forget about competitors, number of tricks and unfair surprises may come from them – flour bags, false bombs, iron hedgehogs thrown on a track... Be prepared and welcome the world of high speeds and easy money!

The game is based on flash technology. All you need is an internet browser and stable internet connection.

WebRacing Screenshots 1


The game process is based on online racing with real opponents. The player can choose the car, the driver's behavioural pattern, the track, and the rules which the opponent will have to accept. Like in real life, even a competently planned strategy cannot guarantee victory though. Surprises, accidental events independent of the racer's actions, play not the least role.

Special attention in the game is paid to cars, their design and properties can be improved to perfection. Developed driver skills, an excellent car, and a bit of good luck is all you need to have your first place! Syndicate has become a pleasant surprise for fans of illegal races. The friendly interface of the store will help you quickly find necessary devices capable of hampering even the most experienced opponent.

WebRacing provides all necessary conditions for team playing too. If players unite in a club, they will have extra opportunities, including championships, trade between club members, and their own chat. The team has the same goals and unique symbols.

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WebRacing Screenshots 6

Top 3: Ondarun

Status:FinalGraphics:Text with graphics
Time Units:RealtimeDeveloper:
Fee: Optional premium accounts
Official Website: Click Here

Ondarun is a management game. Once registered, you're leading a car racing team and you'll have to manage several elements.

Ondarun2 Screenshot

You will be the owner of cars that you'll find in your garage, as well as your parts, drivers that you'll find in your office, a technical team and a
racetrack in which your supporters will be glad to attend exciting races.

There are three leagues: a French one, a German one and an
English one.

From the beginning, you are set in a league and a division designated by a level and a number. For example DIII-2 means division 3 pool 2. There is, in each league: 1 championship, 4 divisions II, 16 divisions III, 64 divisions IV, 256 divisions V and 1024 divisions VI. There is also: 2 world divisions and 1 world championship accessible to the best of each league.

Your objective is to climb up the levels and perhaps, one day, win the English championship or the World Championship. You'll then have to try to purchase a performance car and an experienced driver to achieve your goals.

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Ondarun2 Screenshot

Top 2: Fast and the Furious

wantedsrc="" width=172>Status:Open Beta Graphics:Text with graphics
Time Units:RealtimeDeveloper:Stillfront AB
Fee:Optional Premium Accounts|Buy Ingame Advantages
Official Website: Click Here

Fast and the Furious is a free browser based MMORPG which features more visuals and less text to make for easier game play and a more immersive environment.

Fast and furious will feature more visuals and less text to make for easier game play and a more immersive environment. Your goal is to get as much respect as you can. In street racing, respect is the key element. You will gain respect by winning races, having good stats and by equipping your car with styling parts. A great deal of the focus will be to get new players involved in the game and the gaming community.


The key element in F&F is the street racing function. This is a place where you´ll interact with other players by chatting with them, checking out their cars and challenging them to races. During such a challenge you will have to decide how hard you want to push your car. If you push your car harder you will have a greater chance of winning the race, but you will also be more likely to damage your car. Winning a race will raise your stats. speed up the process.

Street Racing - interact with other players by chatting with them, checking out their cars and challenging them to races.

Teams - Create a team and invite other players or join your team. The benefit of being in a team is that car repairs go faster. All team member tools are shared between members.

Profile page – Let other players check out your cool custom
car, your race statistics, avatar and more. Leave a message in your guestbook. Rss feeds - keeps players informed on what their friends are doing in the

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Top 1: Street Racers

wantedStatus:FinalGraphics:Text with graphics
Time Units:RealtimeDeveloper:ABG
Fee: Buy Ingame Advantages
Official Website: Click

Street Racers is browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). You will be racing against other racers, participate in tournaments, buy and sell cars and their parts.

All the cars and car parts in this game are modelled in 3D and nicely rendered. There's no upper limit on what level you can be, you grow as much as you want and there's nobody there to stop you from doing that.

New cars and car parts are constantly being added to the game.

Street Racers Screenshots 1

Gameplay: Car characteristics depend on parts that are inside of it. Player can effectively handles a car that has the same or lower level as the player. Each part has its own range of levels and it fits to the cars that have a level in that range.

Races. You can race: for free against the players you find in the "Races" window, you get only experience here; for euros from a player information window, you can get there by clicking a player in the "Top", you only get experience here; participate in city "Centre" races for money.

Tournaments. You can win money and silver cups in tournaments. Silver cups are needed for joining a club or creating your own club. Silver cups are also used to calculate player rating. Sometimes you can also win prizes.

Club zones. You can win gold cups in club tournaments. These cups are used to calculate the rating of a club. Only club members are allowed here. Winners of first 3 places get a city recommendation. Recommendations are needed in order to participate in the grand tournament. Also the fastest player of the winning club can win

Grand tournament. In order to participate in this tournament you need to gather recommendations from 6 cities. You can find out which cities are still missing in "Account" page. In this tournament you can win flags, that are very important when calculating player

Rating. Player rating is calculated according to the formula: ( 100 x Flags ) + ( 10 x Silver cups ) + Experience. Club rating - according to Gold cups.

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Street Racers Screenshots 2

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