Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monthly Roundup: New Browser Games in March

Monthly Roundup: New Browser Games in March
There are lots of free and casual browser games launched during March. We carefully selected 4 games among them for you. Read it and see whether it is precisely the same with that in your mind or not.

Top 4: Wauies

On March 20th, German browser game producers upjers.com released their pet simulation wauies to the English-speaking audience.

What is Wauies?

Wauies comes with a free license to cuddle for all browsergame fans: Adopt your own cute little puppy, raise and train it.

When registering, you are faced with the difficult task of deciding between three cute puppies: A Golden Retriever, an Australian Shepherd or a mongrel. After having adopted your new four-legged family member, it's up to you to raise and train it. Take a trip downtown to buy some toys for your dog’s entertainment. A stick, a brush, a leash to take your Wauie out walking – there's lots to choose from and you may easily find yourself with full shopping-bags and an empty purse at the end of your shopping spree.

What to do first – Pet or brush your wauie, take it for a walk or play Go Fetch? That doesn't matter; your wauie enjoys being petted as much as being taken out for a walk. Thanks to state-of-the art flash technology, you will even be able to pet, brush and exercise your dog by yourself! And your puppy will thank you for all the attention by showering you with heart-points. These are important, for the more the Wauie enjoys being around its mistress or master, the easier it will be to train it.

So if you want your wauie to succeed at the local dog competition and be awarded prize money and points by the jury, make sure to always stay on its good side. But honestly, who wouldn't love to take care of such a cute puppy?

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Top 3: Ultimate Soccer Boss

MMOABC, a leading massively-multiplayer online (MMO) portal, is proud to announce the start of open beta testing for Ultimate Soccer Boss on March 23rd. Ultimate Soccer Boss (USB) is the first ever free-to-play soccer manager browser game powered by Digenetics' patented adaptive evolutionary learning technology which allows players' skills to evolve. Unlike other sports manager games, Ultimate Soccer Boss will feature players that actually evolve their skills over time based on variables such as numbers of plays, training matches, and overall management of the club, thus resulting in a truly unique game play.

Ultimate Soccer Boss updates include updated sign up process, improved feedback system, shop upgrades, social networking improvements, hall of fame feature, and refinement of match highlights. Open beta allows the development team to better observe overall game play, perform system stress tests, and ultimately perfect the Ultimate Soccer Boss experience.

For more: Ultimate Soccer Boss Enters Open Beta

Top 2: Nine Crimes
Nine Crimes is a free browser-based gang crime RPG provided by NineCrimes.net. Some of the features of our Free Browser Based Gang Crime RPG include:

Gangs, Gang Crime & Gang Fights
Start out by creating your own gang or joining an existing Nine Crimes Gang. Being in a gang can provide an edge during crime attempts as well as great protection from unwarranted attacks (especially if your gang has alliances with other gangs), but can also put you in the crossfire during Gang Wars or Rivalries. Being the focal point of the Nine Crimes Gang Crime RPG, the gang you represent can pave or tarnish your path to ultimate domination.

Player vs Player Gambling
Try your luck and roll some dice on the bets tables with other Nine Crimes players! Gambling is not required, but rather is one of many fun and rewarding community driven mini-game for those who wish to participate. If gambling isn't your preference, try pulling off a few couple crimes or mugging a rival gang member for some cash and experience, instead!

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Top 1: Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal is an original fantasy MMO, which has Beasts rather than Man as its core. They have recently launched a new website, a Debut trailer and a number of new screenshots.

Some of the Earth Eternals key features include:

It is entirely free-to-play and features optional downloadable content.

Uses a 3D client which runs in a browser and loads while playing.

Incorporates a large handcrafted world which is based on a mythical Earth.

Utilizes classical, simple, and effective combat based on established MMO’s.

Built for small tight knit groups, bypassing large hassle causing raids.

Content is designed for all player types; casual, hardcore, young and old.

Creatures are familiar and strange and the decision to help or harm will be left to players.

Customizable “Groves” which users can design as they desire.

Multi-Class system that allows players to combine abilities as they advance.

Deep lore based universe that is engaging.


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