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Recommended Newest Browser Games in February

Recommended Newest Browser Games in February

With more and more players focus on free browser games, more and more online game developer begin to develop browser games to expand their business lines. In February, more than ten browser games were launched. Below is a list of absorbing browser games, some are really worth to have a look and try.

Top 5: PinkBall

Official website:

Do you want to be able to make live tactical changes during matches? Do you want to play matches more than once a week? Yes? Then you've come to the right place! PinkBall is a online football manager game where you lead your own team to success:

100% free to play (and always will be!)

Create, train and manage your own team from scratch.

Don't just watch your matches, make live tactical changes!

Enter both league and cup competitons.

Join in with the friendly PinkBall community.

Over 75 countries to compete against!
On 7th March, the game has been successfully updated to season 2, Signing up only takes a minute! We hope you'll give it a try!

Top 4: Utopia Sequel: Utopia Kingdoms

Official website:

Jolt Online Gaming, one of the leading browser game publishers in the US and UK, has announced the imminent launch of the sequel, Utopia Kingdoms, a completely new browser game experience based on the same universe.

Utopia Kingdoms is a game of growth, war, conquest, and ultimately glory. In Utopia Kingdoms you are positioned as a leader of your race, forging a path for yourself within the world. You initially have control of a single settlement, which you must nurture and grow in order to compete with other players. You can produce and protect your resources with specific types of buildings, and as you grow in wealth, more build options become available to you.

Players may trade resources between themselves, forge ties individually with other players, or group together and create formal alliances within the game - with their own internal forum system, and political treaties and stances.

Your army is composed of a number of different division types - Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and Wizards - and will be small at first, but can be upgraded as you progress. Different buildings allow you to research upgrades for your army, new units, or defences for your settlement. You can also train your hero (you) in particular skills that may help you in battle.

You may spy on other players, and gather information on their resources, armies, and buildings, to calculate with more accuracy the outcome of any war. To attack another province you arrange your army’s formation and calculate their numbers, then send your troops to war. In Utopia Kingdoms, with skill, it is possible to conquer and control more than one settlement, which you may add to your province.

For more information: Utopia Sequel: Utopia Kingdoms Announced

Top 3: Street Racers

Official website:

Are you ready to race? Can you beat all racers and become the best Street Racer? Street Racers is a multiplayer game based on web technology. As the game is played via the World Wide Web, a local software installation is not required. As part of the game, users are given the opportunity to communicate via forums, an e-mail system, a chat and/or other communication systems within Street Racers.

The operator expressly retains the right to alter or supplement parts of the game, the rules, data (e.g. hero classes, skills or objects) or the entire offer without prior notice. These alterations serve to maintain the excitement of the game and are an essential element of the game's concept.

For more information: Street Racers is Launching Now!

Top 2: War of the Realm

Official website:

War of the Realm is an online, multiplayer, strategy board game! It is FREE to play, requires no downloads, no flash, and no browser plugins of any kind. Compete with others around the world in a game that takes diplomacy, might and calculated risks to conquer the Realm.

Compete with others around the world in a fight to control the board's castles, fortresses and other resources to aid you in your goal of conquest. Build your armies, lead them into battle against opposing forces, lay siege to their castles and destroy the enemy.

For more information: War of the Realm Public Launch


Developer(s): id Software
Engine: id Tech 3
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows;Mac OS X and Linux in development
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Mode(s): multiplayer

The official website of Quake Live has a spash image saying that the open beta test for this free web-based game based on Quake III Arena started on February 24.

A 100% free arena shooter created and supported by id Software

Beginner to Pro - Easily play against others at YOUR skill level

Over 25 arenas and 4 game modes for endless competition

Practice and compete offline against automated bot players


Originally dubbed "QUAKE Zero" when we announced the project at QuakeCon 2007, QUAKE LIVE will be a freely available, updated version of QUAKE III Arena that you access and play through your web browser.

As a beta tester, we are asking you to help us test the game delivery mechanism and core game technology, and to provide feedback on gameplay and game levels. The servers are always available, but you are encouraged to join us for our regular focus tests and special events (you will receive email notifications).

Please note that QUAKE LIVE is a work in progress and your experience as a beta tester does not reflect the final set of functionality that will be available. We encourage you to post comments, issues, suggestions and other feedback to the QUAKE LIVE forums. As a beta tester you are asked to keep your personal key, login information, account information, and all other information related to your participation in this program private and confidential.

For more infomation: id Software Opens Beta for QUAKE LIVE

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