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Tips On Choosing Browser Games

Tips On Choosing Browser Games

Here I will discuss several tips that will help you choose a Game that suites you best or at least get you pointed in the right direction whether it be online or via a system.

Step 1: You must have a basic understanding of the different genre's so let's take a look.

Fist Person Shooter - First person shooters, commonly known as FPS games, demand a moderate-level of concentration while playing. These games can be easily played by both hardcore and casual gamers, and are a popular type of game.

FPS games nearly always feature only a first-person perspective. Usually these types of games use projectile weapons, namely guns, however some have been known to use swords, knives, and bows in their gameplay.

Role Playing Games(RPG'S) -Technically, all games are roleplaying games(RPGs), which require you to play a role, however most games deemed as 'true' roleplaying games contain a system of levels and statistics, as well as missions in the form of quests. These games require a moderate to high level of concentration while playing, and are designed for hardcore gamers.

These games can feature either first-person or third-person perspective, and many times contain a system of fighting, usually along with a wide array of weapons, a variety of tasks or quests to complete to advance in the storyline, the ability to meet allies, and/or the ability to conjure spells in their gameplay. (My favorite type of game, hehe)

Platformers - Many platforming games are old and considered classics. However, there are newer platforming games out in stores, so if you want a taste of the old times or you want to walk right into the action, platforming games are for you. Generally played by casual gamers, it isn't hard to be a hardcore gamer playing platforming games.

Platforming games can be either 2D or 3D and are generally packed with action/adventure. Platforming games are most commonly the former, and feature a side scrolling view. These games commonly include enemies with jumping as the main attack to defeat them, as well as bosses similar to the enemies.

Puzzle - Puzzles were made way back when they didn't have video games. Puzzle games keep these creations 'alive', in a sense. These games usually focus on one main puzzle, although there are some out there that focus on many different puzzle types, or many similar puzzles. Some brain training games also include puzzles.

Puzzle games are usually 2D, and are usually played by the casual gamer. Puzzles have also been incoporated into many other genres of games, and playing puzzle games can help you become better at other types of games.

Online Games - Online games are a dime a dozen. Many of them are 2D, although you can find some that are 3D. There are many sites which house popular online games, two of which being Online games can be very addicting, and are many times used as a stress reliever.

Online gamers are usually casual, although some are hardcore. Many online games appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers due to the fact that many fangames can be found online, which appeal to the casual gamer more than the actual games do.

Massivly - multiplayer online games are usually refered to as MMOGs. MMOGs are very popular, and always include some sort of multiplayer interaction. MMOGs can either be text-based or graphical, with most of the graphical MMOGs being 3D.

MMORPG's - Massivly-multiplayer online games can be multiplayer versions of many game types, such as first-person shooters(MMOFPS) and roleplaying games(MMORPG). Depending on the type of multiplayer game you choose, it can be harder or easier to play as simply a casual gamer.

Now that you have a general idea of the different types of genre's let's move on.

Step: 2 Now you're ready to actually choose your game that best suites you. We'll discuss 5 ways that will help you to do so.

1. The first thing you need, is to determinate what scenario you want to simulate? In the market there are cool games for simulate cities, racing, fighting, business, strategy, shooting, and much more. Associate your preferences with your hobbies, for example, if you like cars then you can choose racing.

2. When you have chosen the scenario to simulate, the next step is to find the title of the game that simulate what you want. To do this only you need to go to a web browser like, Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc and browse for your game. Example: if you choose cars for simulate you can type in your favorite browser words like: "simulation games cars", "car racing games". To choose the words to put in the browser(in this case cars or racing) and the word "game" or "games" to specify your search and have good results.

3. When you have searched some game titles, you now can make searches looking specifically for the title of the game that you want. This will help you to find some useful information about the gameplay of the game, the difficulty, the graphics, and other useful information. For example: if you searched for cars or racing you found some titles like: "Midnight Club" or "Need for Speed".

4. At this time, if you followed this previous steps, now you have some information about the games that is relative to the things that you want to simulate.

Now is time to select the best game for you. Follow these useful tips:

- Select the grade of difficulty do you want to play, this is so important because if you are a newbie in that game and the game that you want its a sequel (or a expansion pack) of a previous one, yo will probably buy the first one and later the sequel. Another thing, is to check the rating of the game to ensure that it's suited for your age.

- Select what do you prefer: graphics, gameplay or both, this is important to choose the right game because some games have a great gameplay but have archaic graphics. If you are only looking for challenges you probably like this ones. On the other hand some games have a lot of cool graphics and amazing scenarios but the gameplay its so boring or not too challenging. If you look, like me, for games that include amazing graphics and a challenging gameplay you need to read and search a lot but this search will give you excellent results and fantastic game experience.

- Another important thing that you need to think about is the system requirements of your selected game(s) because you won't buy a game that crash your computer or not run properly in your PC. You can solve this by comparing the system requirements of the game with your system hardware and software. I recommend that you have a 30% more of the minimal requirements of the game to have a good performance of the game, and don´t run slow.

-To get more confidence for your selected game, read articles of the game, opinions for gameplayers, forums or blogs, or other sources that can help you to know the experience playing this game, the difficulty, etc. You can see the charts and the top games list, because if your game is well ranked on that lists, its almost 100% of satisfaction guaranteed. =D

- Some people think that another important fact in the selection of the game, is the money. Just because the game cost the most doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best. The cheaper or free games can be just as good if not better than the ones that cost or more or require installation or download.

5.The final step is go to buy your selected game! if you followed all the previously tips and steps you will have a preferred game that you want to buy. You can purchase it at the official game shop or in a supermarket or download/install it wherever it's available.

That's all that I can think of as of right now. I hope this helps you to choose games better. =)

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